Visceral Roots Dance Company

Performing Art – San Francisco, CA

Ashley Gayle and Noah James are professional dancers in the Bay Area community. They’ve worked with various choreographers and met while dancing for PUSH Dance Company in 2013. Organically they combined their passion and love for dance to create Visceral Roots Dance Company, which is in it’s 2nd year of fruition! VRDC creates work that highlights social issues by exploring the visceral experiences of life while fusing different art forms into stories. Initiated by collaboration, the duo strives to present work with artists from all mediums and also aid in their artistic development. ​VRDC debuted “Unparalleled” at PUSHFest 2016 through the PUSHLab process; this led to them being selected as the 2017-18 Black Choreographers Festival AMP Artists! As a result, the company has performed with BCF for the past two years and have had multiple residencies with SAFEhouse Arts that culminated in a home show. Shawl-Anderson Dance Center is a second home and have invited VRDC to perform for local showings. The Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival has also invited them to present work at the festival for two years in a row. Viewer’s have said their movement is multifaceted, witty and courageously takes them on an intimate spiritual and intellectual journey. ...more

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Showcasing in San Francisco, CA
IMPACT at 1015 Folsom – Apr 03, 2019 @7:00PM