Tyler Varlese
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Tyler Varlese

Visual Art – Connecticut, CT

I earned my Bachelors Degree in Art from CCSU in 2015. I feel that with my art it is more of an interplay of discovery and creativity. The pieces start to reveal themselves to me as I puzzle together the different elements. I generally don’t discuss what pieces mean to me because other people will create their own stories. The ideas come in an almost abstract yet natural way that sometimes starts as drumming on a canvas, laying down colorful shapes, or following lines, and then letting the different forms take shape and tell me what to create. The ideal way for me to work is to have a conversation with the art, like a call and response. Eventually, as I start to understand the piece more, I develop my own meaning and impart more of my own ideas onto the paper or canvas. I generally use bold and bright colors to give each element the same presence and so that the viewer needs to engage the piece to find the different parts and make their own discoveries. It also gives the pieces an unnatural feel, something that is not of the natural material world. Overall, my interest in the grand nature of the cosmos, eyes as interpreters of the world and the way the universe perceives itself, and exploring the inner space of self and outer space of other become the most prominent themes in my art. ...more

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Showcasing in Connecticut, CT

IMPACT at Oakdale Theatre – May 21, 2019 @6:30PM

Exhibiting on: May 21, 2019 @6:30PM