Trinity Revolt Fine Art & Jewelry

Accessories – Salt Lake City, UT

Trinity Revolt started as a way to get extra pieces off my hands. I love designing and creating new things, and I had accumulated so much over the years that I never wore all of it. So, I started an Etsy shop to sell the jewelry I was making. Then when people showed interest in my artwork, I was convinced to sell prints of my paintings as well. The shop only grew from there. I took a metalsmithing class (beading and wire wrapping had ceased to satisfy me), and have now taken the first steps to having my own studio. What started as a hobby has turned into a small business, and I love every minute of it. The purpose of Trinity Revolt is to provide unique jewelry to unique people. I don't believe in following fashions and trends. I think you should wear whatever makes you feel like you, whether or not it's in style. So join the revolution. Enjoy alternative art, clothing, music, whatever it may be. But never let anyone dictate who you are. ...more