Nadia "ToughSpirit" Burgess

Visual Art – New York - Brooklyn, NY

ToughSpirit, Here! I'm a Multi-Artist, Filmmaker, + Cake Creator! I'm a big movie buff, and wanted to make traditional animated films and live action films since I was a kid. My first short film, "Different Branches, Same Tree" (a short about how culture influences one's character) has been one of my proudest achievements, along with my newest film "BLACK" (a film about Black American culture influences in Korea). I have also studied abroad in India, China, Japan, and South Korea. India in particular was a dream destination of mine because I got to learn more about India's film industry, Bollywood. It was a fun and surreal journey that I would make again. As far as my art goes, I love to do crazy fanart crossover stuff and love using vivid standout colors. I'm also trying to work on my first original comic book. With my cake art it has an amateur flare but I do a lot of fun creative themes like movies, tv shows, cartoons, and comics. I wish to be very successful in all the creative fields I'm involved in, and would like to find opportunities where I can do that and improve my skills. Hope all of you enjoy my work! ...more