The Dreadful Stitch

Accessories – Portland, OR

Hi! I'm Kori. The owner/designer/maker of The Dreadful Stitch. I have been a maker since I was a kid. Now that I have kids of my own I wanted to create something for them that was as unique, special, and diverse as they are. I started making a few dolls for my daughter and very quickly fell in love with the art of doll making. My mind just started getting flooded with ideas. I wanted to create dolls that showed every style, every shape, and every color that someone may define themselves as and give it a fun and quirky twist. I wanted to make dolls that weren't typical but could still be enjoyed and loved by anyone at any age. I don't just create for myself and for my love of making, I do it for others. The super excited kid that I recreated their favorite superhero for or the mom that sends me the super heart warming message after I make a doll that reminds her exactly of her first daughter that she lost as a baby, that's what I do it for. I am so glad to have finally found a way to connect my love and passion for something in a way that allows me to share it with others. ...more