Kinky Future

Visual Art – Jersey City, NJ

Taylor Madden was born in Roseland, New Jersey during a great blizzard on January 7th, 1996. She began elementary school at Lester C. Noecker School. Taylor has been interested in art since she was able to pick up a crayon. Always fascinated by colors, and different mediums she used her creativity as an outlet. Having working parents, She was left alone most of the time but you could always find Taylor digging through her mother’s art bin, outside drawing with chalk in the driveway, creating fairy houses out of shoeboxes or braiding/beading jewelry and keychains. Everything in the house could be used as an artistic tool, even if it came down to designing sock puppets. She was always trying to make something out of her time. Taylor’s parents divorced when she was still very young and she moved around with her mother quite a few times before they settled in Denville, New Jersey where she would attend Morris Knolls High School. She fell in love with the community and school itself and finally felt like she was living a free normal life. There, she brought her focus into the arts and sciences and began taking more serious art classes. She exhibited her art at the Morris Knolls Art Show of 2014 and graduated later that year. She knew she would attend the County College of Morris, but did not know what she wanted to major in. Everyone told her there was no money in the art world and she would live a life of struggle, so she pushed her passion aside for awhile. The artistic urge would not keep away from her for long though, as a good friend had surprised her while she was away and set up an easel with fresh canvases, paints and brushes in her room. She would not let this creative outlet go. Taylor became a nursing major at CCM, joined the EMT squad in Morristown, New Jersey and almost finished, but it was not her passion. She had been taking art classes at her college since she started and she decided that this was finally what she wanted to do, and who she wanted to be known for. In 2016 she set off to get her AFA. She established her shop “Kinky Future” early in 2017 where she sold her artworks, apparel and other creations online and in person. She attended many shows like the Punk Rock Flea Markets in Trenton, NJ, the New Jersey Horror Convention in Iselin, New Jersey, among many more. I established my business, Kinky Future, early on in my life because it was my dream, I wanted to show people that I am serious about my artwork, this is what I will be known for, I will always be an artist first. Taylor graduated the County College of Morris in 2018 with her Associates in Fine Arts and plans to continue her art studies by taking workshops and attending SVA of NYC. After that she plans to work as a tattoo artist and create art that expresses beauty, serenity, conflict and environmental issues through her work. One of the most important things for me is to never stop learning, there is so much in this world, and so little time. Take advantage of the life you live, live in the moment and follow where your passion leads you. Give it your all. Taylor now resides in Jersey City, NJ with her partner and studio mate, Steve D’Ambrosio. ...more

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Showcasing in New York - NYC, NY
IMPACT at Melrose Ballroom – May 15, 2019 @7:00PM