SoloStar Profile Picture
Music – Minneapolis, MN

Nakara "SoloStar" White was born and mostly raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She adopted the name SoloStar in 2010 when she began actively performing, stating that it represents her being a loner and shining regardless of her circumstances. A former U.S. soldier, college graduate and published author since the tender age of nine, Solo is just as versatile in her music as she is in her everyday life. She strives to allow her vulnerability through the real life situations she flows about, and the genuineness through which she expresses them to be the factors that set her apart from her peers. SoloStar has released two mixtapes entitled "DREAM CHA$IN'" (2011) and "Still Dreamin': The Duets" (2012), a collaboration project. She released the single and visual for “Love Letters” in 2016 and remains relevant through collaborations, performing and community outreach. The summer of 2017 saw the release of “Lost & Found”, an EP collective of unreleased material. SoloStar is currently working on the #LoveHangover EP, to be released at the top of 2019. ...more