Photography – Austin, TX

My name is Savannah Allee. I am from Austin, Texas born and raised and currently still residing. (I know, I'm a Unicorn.) To keep things short, I'll just let you know that I started with photography back in my sophomore year of high school. I worked in the darkroom a lot and also worked as a photographer and designer for our high school yearbook. The first camera I owned was a film camera so, a lot of my inspiration comes from working with film. I shoot pretty much anything but my favorite is landscape photography. I love being outdoors and getting to experience all different parts of the world. Although I haven't traveled far, I hope to travel much more in the near future. I take pictures for many different reasons, but what I love the most is the feeling of capturing the world the way I see it and being able to share it with everyone else in hopes of creating change or helping someone through a hard time. ...more