Bobbi Sanderson
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Bobbi Sanderson

Visual Art – Winnipeg, MB

Manitoba born and bred. The first memory of art Bobbi has engraved in her skull is drawing on the bathroom wall with a purple crayon only to be discredited by her one year old brother. The shock on her mother's face was more than enough for her to continue well into adulthood--walls no longer included, unless instructed. Throughout schooling, Bobbi was praised by art teachers, however, she never pursued it. Rather, to keep the passion alive, she draws in her spare time and whenever the mood strikes. Some of her work has been requested by friends for reference to tattoos and some just simply for the sake of hanging a piece in their homes. Bobbi's preferred mediums are simple pencils and, as of recent, water colour. She enjoys the simplicity of line work but spends most of her time with portraits. When it comes to more original work, her pieces tend to belong to more of a nightmare fantasy realm. ...more

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Showcasing in Winnipeg, MB

IMPACT at Cowboys – 02 May 2019 @7:00PM