Mimi K

Visual Art – Des Moines, IA

Chao! My name is Milica and I\'m a painter,..now add a little bit of everything else to that please! I am grateful and very lucky to have worked with very well known professors and learned a set of very diverse skills while attending the Belgrade Design School, prior to my move to the US in 2002. I\'ve experienced and learned some of the most beautiful processes & skills anywhere from weaving, fashion design illustration, history of fashion, jewelry making, pottery, drawing & painting, to printmaking, fabric pressing and designing, sewing etc. Aside from my full time job at a bank, I\'ve had a few successful art shows throughout Midwest. I played college sports while worked on my art degree. Basketball is another great passion of mine. Of course, finding plenty of little adventures in between, never stops for me! I look forward to living life, learning more each day, presenting my artwork with love and discussing the same, and meeting like minded folks from all over the world! ...more