Pink Bath
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Visual Art – New Orleans, LA

My goal is to truly capture the essence of the divine feminine. Femininity is so often shown as the absence of masculinity, and therefore the absence of strength. I believe that femininity is the ultimate strength, it just reveals itself in a way that we are not used to. To truly love oneself is to truly be strong in a world that demands that women hate ourselves - from the depictions of women's bodies in media, to the way the government aims to control our bodies, to the constant reminder from our fellow humans that our concerns are not truly important. Yet women are the beginning of the world -humanity begins with us. In my art I aim to capture the cosmic and magical strength which women possess, through loving ourselves in a society that insists we hate ourselves and each other. The name "Pink Bath" comes from the thoughtful, transient state I enter whenever I take a bubble bath, and the inspiration I gain there. ...more