Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

I am a Long Beach artist with midwest roots. I earned my BFA of illustration from the American Academy of Art in Chicago focusing mainly in watercolor illustration. Currently, I bounce between a few different mediums. Watercolor, gouache, ink, waterbrush pens, and digital illustrating is what I have been working in mostly for the passed year. I love trying out new techniques and mediums to broaden my artistic abilities. What my full on passion to illustrate this last year has been FOOD. I LOVE to cook , eat, and paint. So why not combine all of my loves? My goal is to illustrate my own cookbook with my own recipes. My illustrations balance between bright/ simple and realistic. My food illustrations can be of something as simple as a piece of bread to a very detailed fat slice of Chicago deep dish pizza. Everyday I am inspired by the culinary world and hope to inspire someone to cook a recipe of mine or go out and try something new. ...more