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Music – Nashville, TN

On the Tip of Your Tongue is a band with one thing in mind, creativity. With lead singer and guitarist Matthew Rosa at the helm, OTTOYT has become hugely prolific in the songwriting department. Much of the band’s early days were spent as a solo act for Rosa, but after a few solo shows, Rosa decided he needed help. As a result of this, Rosa called upon two musicians he knew he could trust. The prodigious Micah Gaffield and the plucky Logan Livingston stepped in to fill the position of bassist and drummer respectively. Gaffield, a multi-instrumentalist, is not only a bassist of high caliber but a creative force himself writing many of the bass parts of OTTOYT’s more recent songs on the upcoming EP, Serial Romantic. Livingston is a more inexperienced musician but brings a certain level of drumming acumen that cannot be understated in its importance to the sound of the band. With all three members right on the cusp of graduation On the Tip of Your Tongue is looking longingly to musical success in the coming years in order to prevent a lengthy stay at a university. ...more

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Showcasing in Nashville, TN

IMPACT at City Winery Nashville – Jun 05, 2019 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: Jun 05, 2019 @7:00PM