Of The Future Art

Visual Art – Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA

Hard work and perseverance is the root of everything I do. Throughout my life, my desire to find roots was conflicted with my mothers lifestyle in the US Air Force. My father was a stay at home dad, he raised us to be strong and stand up for the ones without a voice. Both my parents were not born in the U.S.A. My father is from Mexico, My mother was born in Switzerland, I was born in Oklahoma. We moved around globe from places like Okinawa Japan, To Fairbanks Alaska. I graduated high school in Melbourne Florida. After my first two years in a Florida community college, I experienced a series of unbelievably surreal events. I took the opportunity to reflect on my priorities, this led to moving to Los Angeles. Currently I work for Amnesty International as a fundraiser. I am currently living my dream creating the art that comes from my soul every single day . My dream is to have my own beautiful gallery where I can sponsor charity events focusing on community nutritional needs. I am proud to say as a member of the Transgender community, my move to Los Angeles was the most liberating and spectacular experiences of my life. ...more