Oceans of Wisdom Photography

Photography – Kansas City, MO

Michael "Ocean of Wisdom" Bidwell is an almost 40 year old photographer living near Kansas City, MO. He started his photography as a challenge to himself to find beauty and inspiration out of any subject matter as a healing modality. In this journey, he found his voice and passion. Currently, he is working on photography that is inspired by other art forms, especially surrealism and impressionism and making photography less literal. At the same time, he is an avid stormchaser when severe weather cooperates and wants to photograph/video tornadoes up close, which is his goal this spring. His perspective are images that are high impact, high energy, and have a "fantasy in reality" component. He currently has remnant works from previous art shows in 2015-16 plus three different prints for sale at 3 Wishes, located at 5031 Merriam Dr, in Merriam, KS. His other passion is a vision to create an off-the-grid intentional community with bed, breakfast, and dinner and small spiritual retreat center out west once he finds investors and the people who can help create this vision successfully. ...more