Nila Jane Autry

Visual Art – Salt Lake City, UT

Artist Bio Nila Jane Autry "One person can make a difference..." JFK Jane grew up without a clue that she was born to be an artist. It wasn't until her junior year in high school that she took her first art class, and although greatly intimidated by other students in the class, she did her best and found the process thoroughly enjoyable. Today she finds and makes time to paint, loving every minute of it. Having taught high school and college level art for more than 20 years, she took an early retirement in 2014, and hopes to successfully market her artwork to the whole wide world. In her pursuit of excellence she has been inspired to paint LDS Temples. In doing she, she found that she needed more training. She literally spent about $20,000 on portrait workshops from the best around, and invested in the necessary equipment to paint on location, ‘en plein air’, with many accomplished artists. She now feels she is ready to tackle the difficult challenge the Lord has given her, to paint LDS Temples from all over the world, and occasionally when commissioned, she will paint families and couples in front of their chosen Temple. Her belief is that we can all be great, we can all put our best foot forward and seek inspiration and guidance from our higher power on a daily basis. One does not need to be perfect to be wonderful. What she wants out of her artistic life is to leave a legacy of faith, determination and courage. She wants her art to be collected and treasured by those who seek beauty, peace and fulfillment from the visual images they surround themselves with. Her work is highly idealistic, much like the old masters with an emphasis on eternal themes, using age old techniques, but employing modern tools and supplies. This includes a much brighter color palette, with an old fashioned twist, which she loves! She is an idealist to the core, an artist who cherishes high and noble principles. “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” — Japanese Proverb” Grantsville, Utah 435-228-8217 (prints) ...more