Matthew Terry

Photography – Des Moines, IA

Life is expression; and from a young age I\'ve fully embraced this expression, finding a passion for music & the arts early on. Through art I found a way to connect with other individuals who also felt disconnected. Endlessly intrigued by the ability to capture and hold a distinct moment in time, I\'ve been inseparable from my camera for the past 8 years, and I am currently in my final year at the Academy of Art University. My work questions not only the identity of who we are, but also how we interact & relate to that which surrounds us. I accomplish this by presenting images which address universal concerns and issues while challenging the comparison of inherent truths & fiction that occur in our existence. This results in a style which shows great influence from the Post-Modern rejection of absolute truths, as well as the surrealistic technique of combining the sub conscious and conscious as a way to question “reality”. Taking influence from Fine Art, Literature, Music, and the Human Experience (outside of the obvious photographic medium); the universality showcased in my work allows it to appeal on a large scale, while still presenting a discernible style of its own. Life, like my work, is subjective, expressive, and left to individual interpretation. ...more