Maison of Beauty

Beauty – Phoenix, AZ

I am a makeup artist and this is what I was born to do. Growing up in Peoria, AZ has been a quiet, suburban lifestyle but my creativity through fashion, makeup, costume, and blogging made it so much more. I absolutely love helping clients highlight their natural beauty and end their glam session with the biggest smile, but I also enjoy teaching glamour clinics full of makeup techniques & tips for the everygirl to feel confident. As reality has it, I have rocked over 13 years with a career as a 5th grade teacher. I have a passion for education and empowering others to find their fashion personalities and beauty styles. Makeup artistry didn't start for me until the end of high school, let's just say I was a late bloomer, babes. As a film buff, movies inspired me first with on screen heroines and unique characters rockin' some serious face. Since then, I am always discovering new styles and embracing learning the latest techniques. My makeup artistry consists of photo shoots, master classes, bridal, and special events with a variety of aesthetics. ...more