RID/ Live Art Productions

Visual Art – Austin, TX

I am a 24 year old ATX artist. I work in the health care field, but have recently decided I can not ignore my passion for art. I dropped the health care field and now live a life of passion by creating new things everyday. I'd rather be a starving artist everyday than not living as my true self. I use many different mediums to express myself, such as; acrylic, oil, fabric paint, water colour, paper mache, colour pencils, wiring, and everything else I can get my hands on. My art varies in styles from how I feel to the beauty I've seen in this world. I have never been educated in art because I was told that's not what people are supposed to do as a career. In 2017, I almost died. It took some time to come to terms with this and realize that my life did not end, that there was a breath of fresh air in my lungs again. I didn't know what to do with this new found life. So, at first I kept following the path that had been set out for me my whole life by every one around me. I decided to take to my career and dive head first working as many hours as I could until I could not move any more. Then, at the end of this tunnel came a beautiful light, I found her, my muse. In late September 2018 I dove head first into my true self and put all of my energy into creating works. In just two months I created 46 art pieces and I have so many inside of me that I am bursting every day to get them all out. ...more