Lily Lowe Art

Accessories – Melbourne, VIC

Born in Sydney, raised in Tasmania, and now calling Melbourne home. I am a self taught acrylic and watercolour artist, and have recently found my passion in using my art in the creation of my unique jewellery range. I use my original fluid art applied to glass, and finished with resin, to make the accent stone’ that is the centrepiece of each handcrafted jewellery piece. I have two ranges of jewellery, one that is completely handcrafted by me, using my acrylic pour art stones that are hand wrapped with precious metals to create elegant, yet wearable jewellery designs. The second range is the same art style, but using earthy hardware, such as wood and metal bezels to hold each piece of art. This range is more simplistic in design. I love this type of art, because I find my designs are continuously evolving, and every piece of jewellery is unique. Each jewellery design provides the viewer with an adventure of colour interwoven with traditional design concepts, then married with the abstract qualities of fluid art. The possibilities are endless. ...more

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Showcasing in Melbourne, VIC
IMPACT at Melbourne Pavilion – 04 Apr 2019 @ 7:00PM