L. Bea Photography

Photography – Detroit, MI

My name is Lauren and I am a 34 year old photographer, wife, mother, friend and lover of God. My passion in life has always been art. My company name is in honor of my Grandma, who I was named after and eventually named my daughter after see, we are all "Bea's" hence the L. Bea Photography! My Grandma Bea and my mother have always been my biggest fans and supporters. They always told me I could be anything I wanted to be. What I love doing most in life is creating beautiful imagery that individuals can cherish and look back on for years to come. I feel honored to be able to forever capture those moments and freeze time forever. I have always had a love for photography. Ever since I was little I have had a camera in my hand. I can't describe the excitement and thrill I feel when I take a photo and just know it has a "look" to it. It truly is my life passion. I started off doing photography as a hobby, then it grew into friends and family members asking me to snap a few photos for them and now I am a small business owner who specializes in newborns and family photography and am just starting to break into the wedding photography world. I love when I am able to allow my creative juices to flow and create dynamic engaging art that pulls the observer into it. I am excited and thrilled to see what the photography worlds holds for me in the future. If anything else I will have images my clients and I can cherish forever. I aspire, to inspire before I expire. ...more