Kodey Brims
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Music – Nashville, TN

Brisbane-born singer-songwriter Kodey Brims has been lucky enough to cross the ocean with her music. At the age of 18 she packed up her life and moved to the United States to study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. After graduating with a degree in songwriting, Kodey Brims moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a career as an independent rock/folk artist. Now at the age of 22, Kodey Brims shares her experience of missing and commemorating Australia with her upcoming single, Bundaberg Rum & Coke. Her second independent release is a blend of pop vocal melodies, folk guitar rhythms and descriptive lyrics that paint a picture of family, longing and celebration. Press Quotes for 'Bundaberg Rum & Coke': “…there is something very evocative about her language, stirring up an immense sense of nostalgia within.” -- Jane Howkins from York Calling 7/31/18 "This adventurous folk song is connectable to all Australians even if they don’t drink that particular brand...Kodey’s vocal range is impressive as well as her skills on the guitar.” --Music Injection 7/21/18 ...more