KILYO Profile Picture
Music – Columbus, OH

KILYO is a performer from Columbus, Ohio with a background in musical theatre and has been creating music from the age of 15. As of now, he has written and produced two full albums solely on his own- His most recent release is entitled "Harpoon" and is available for streaming and purchase on iTunes. ​ KILYO is the amalgamation of himself at the height of his emotion, a combination of all his thought, fury, and beauty incarnated into a character. He is an ever changing and expanding creature, an androgynous and theatrical showman with a knack for creating pensive and moody electro-pop.He aims to create a show that sits halfway in between a piece of theatre, and a concert, with KILYO performing as the starring role- a show storylike in presentation, but with music that you dance to. "I just want to make cool music, put on a cool costume, and put on a cool show.​ ...more