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Jessica Bailey

Visual Art – Adelaide, SA

I'm an emerging artist, currently living in South Australia, Adelaide. I have been making art since I was a little girl in Kindergarten but have only taken the idea of being an artist seriously when I had studied a Certificate three in visual arts and a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) for four years at Adelaide College of the Arts. My main medium is acrylic and Oil paint, but I have also focused on the medium drawing – charcoal. My previous work had focused on the concept of body image, using acrylic paint or oil paint to identify and express emotions through colour and painterly application while painting women in a traditional pose which portrayed their personalities and body confidence. It was from this idea that I have developed an interest in the social and political issues of people as well as the physical body and what emotions it portrays through face and movement. My current work focuses on experimentation drawing and painting to find my technique while continuing to follow my interests of social and political views, figure, expression and abstract. Currently, I focus on experimentation as part of my practice, as I hope for my work to make a strong impact and express the thoughts and ideas that I have felt about my research on social development and what it could mean for the future. My previous work has been displayed at the Hill Smith Gallery and the Light square Gallery in 2018 ...more

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Showcasing in Adelaide, SA

IMPACT at Burnside Ballroom – 03 May 2019 @ 6:30PM