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Visual Art – Victoria, BC

As an emerging artist from salt spring island B.C. I am strongly connected to my body, the land and the environments which we inhabit. I find that my work is in a constantly fluxing conversation with these influences. Recently through the visual arts program at ECUAD the influence of the body and land have been connected to the materials I choose to use seemingly forming my most recent body of work. I refer to my practice as Interdisciplinary rather than Multi-disciplinary as I see my work incorporating all demands and disciplines from painting, sculpture, video to photography simultaneously. The mediums, disciplines and studios I choose for each project seem to develop as ideas and conversations grow into their final forms. I incorporate my knowledge and education from all disciplines of life into my art work. I see my experience and knowledge as a growing tool belt to pull from as ideas and projects merge and take form. My development as an artist pushes what I create constantly. I see things I learn and people I meet influencing and incorporating themselves into my work as change and grow along with my art. The way I see my Art and the way I make my art changes from project to project. I find an importance in change and the acceptance of this change. Knowing the importance of the audience I am strongly open to conversation around my work about the meaning I get from my work and the meanings I want viewers to get from it. ...more

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Showcasing in Victoria, BC

STELLAR at Capital Ballroom (19+) – 17 Oct 2019 @7:00PM