LaZetta- J. Dream Studio

Visual Art – Houston, TX

LaZetta Fitzgerald-Bryant is the Texas-based artist and design professional behind J.Dream Studio, with 12+ years of graphic design experience, a degree in Graphic Design focused on print design, and clients in the US, Australia, and, the UK. LaZetta started her career as a corporate print designer, specializing in branding and events. After 12+ years of designing and refining her distinct and adaptable design style, LaZetta decided to setup her own studio, pursuing her first love; creating mixed media fine art and creating designs inspired by her love of mixed media fine art, various design genres, & exploration. “As a natural and classically trained artist, I always had a thing for art, specifically, mixed media. Learning the history and basics of letterpress, and silkscreen printing, painting, drawing, darkroom photography + development, ceramics, and computer arts, I found my home with graphic design. The thing I loved most about learning design was exploring the vast possibilities of print. I loved the way paper and ink could tell a story, and was captured by the different ways texture and material could enhance a vision.” LaZetta has since worked with new moms, brides, event planners and businesses, designing everything from logos, luxury invitations and branded collateral to large format displays and interior murals and signage. For the past 8 years, LaZetta has put most of her efforts towards raising her 2 young children, designing for her graphics brand, JadeBerth Creative, curating, and making art, and finding functional uses for art-inspired design. She hopes to use her work, life, and platform as a way to support her ultimate passion to give back via art education for under-privileged youth, and contribute to art-centered programs and events that promote mental health, women's empowerment, community, and healing. ...more