Heather Windsor

Visual Art – Dallas, TX

I am Heather Windsor (nee Deaton, I got married in January and I'm still getting the name change all buttoned up). I am a primarily self-taught artist from Iowa. I studied literature and library science, moving to Texas for my MLS in 2013, but never stopped drawing. In 2018, with the supporta nd encouragement of my husband, I decided to pursue my passion of making a career of my art and began studying online via Academy of Art University. I have taken advantage of such resources as the 21 Draw University class line up and Denton's local figure drawing sessions, and sell my art at events around the DFW area. From my Artist Statement: My goal as an artist is to take those subjects that are negatively portrayed and to pull their natural beauty out where everyone can see, to create work that is both dark and lovely, and challenge the predetermined perceptions others have about the visual definitions of both. My goal as creator is to help expand the understanding of those who see my work--even if only briefly--by challenging their views and portraying something that many would recoil from in a way that draws them in and sticks with them long after they've stopped looking. My hope is that by portraying things that are dark, Pagan, or contain nudity, I can combat the negative reactions of many by showing that darkness can be beautiful, that Paganism is as spiritually-uplifting as any other faith, and that the human form is cause for celebration, not shame. ...more