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I’m a New York native now living in Charlotte for seven years. I’m an entrepreneur and actress as well. I wear many hats in my life: Wife, Mom, Actress, Writer, Entrepreneur, On a PTO board and so much more! Whew! One would think when do you even have time to create awesome new products? Well, ever since I can remember, I’ve been gifted with a strong and unique sense of smell. This has helped me to create an unique line of fragrant skincare products over the past few years. I love thinking of new ways to create products that are sure to delight all! Hephzibah Beauty Treats (or HB Treats) products are all handmade by myself with a lot of love! These products include high grade essential and premium fragrance oils which are sure to delight your senses. ...more

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Showcasing in Charlotte, NC

ARISE at The Fillmore (18+) – Aug 21, 2019 @7:00PM