For Hope
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Film – Louisville, KY

Our story takes place in the underbelly of the Kentucky impoverished. Matt and Hope are doing their best to survive in an unforgiving world. As Matt tries to provide for him and his sister by tapping his limited resources, each disturbance of Hope’s rigid structure leads to increasingly severe consequences. As the story unfolds we see the dichotomy of Matt’s chaos intertwined with Hope’s need for structure. How far will Matt push his moral boundaries to make sure his sister is taken care of, and what potentially tragic consequences arise from his altruistic decisions? This story was written by Jay Thomas and produced in collaboration by Filmik Media and Rifle City Productions. Jay William Thomas is an Actor, Writer, and Producer who grew up in Kentucky where he began acting at an early age. Jay Attended Western Kentucky University and obtained a BFA double Major in Acting and Directing. Jay has worked on stage, film, & television. Recently Jay worked with NBC Universal and PipeLine entertainment on a remake of Francis Ford Coppola's Dementia 13. Andrew is a passionate filmmaker who loves working behind the scenes to see the story come to life. His experiences includes being a part of the production team for television shows Nashville, CMA Red Carpet, Kimberly's Simply Southern, Leanne & Edie, and the Americana Music Awards. He has also produced award winning short films including a premier at the world renown Cannes Film Festival. He owns and operates a video production company, Filmik Media, that has become a force in the creative industry in Kentucky. ...more