Empress Profile Picture
Music – Providence, RI

Empress, sharing passion, love, light, and courage through the eminence of her voice. Vibrantly expressing a message of hope to the world through her lyrics and the richness of her melodic sound. Empress believes with conviction that what seems impossible can become a reality for all who have the desire. Born a poet, the words she pours into her music signify the wonder of love, and the pain of these societal delusions that divide us as people. Reconnecting lost souls to source through her music she will lead these next generations to a movement of peace and fervent love through her music. At the age of three it was clear to everyone around her that music restlessly moved within her being. Empress sang anywhere and at any time whether there was an audience present or not. Growing up in the North East without a lot of money but with an endless reserve of inner hope for the future Empress constantly wrote poetry to try to make sense of the struggles of life. At the tender age of eighteen she moved to Texas to pursue her dreams and wound up in an abusive relationship that led her to almost completely lose herself in those severely dark times. Grace allowed her to escape and the flame that was nearly flushed out of her began to roar again. Empress dove right back into writing and making music with greater passion than ever before. Now, a locally well-known recording artist and performer; she is working to break down walls in her own life and to send a message to her fans that they can overcome even the deepest causes of sorrow in their lives. Empress refuses to shy away from what is real in this complicated life, her lyrics emphasize her humanity in all of its ugliness and beauty. While Empress exhibits an appreciation and love for all genres of music some of her greatest inspiration comes from music that emerged in the 90's. Artists such as Lauryn Hill, En-Vogue, Mary J. Blige, Tracy Chapman and Michael Jackson played a huge role in creating an indomitable will within her to create music that would influence audiences beyond her lifetime. Creating music is what she does in all of her free time, collaborating with producers, artists and other music acts locally and out of state she is working to spread a movement of light. With community action and the power of music she desires to create real change through spreading the wealth of knowledge and creating local charities for the homeless and the youth in her home state. Empress lives her life following the will of her spirit, she has an unending abundance of passion for connecting with people and the places they come from. ...more