DB's Stump Art

Visual Art – New York-Queens, NY

All my life I’ve felt a connection with animals and I’ve rescued many of my own, including wildlife. By day I’m a veterinary technician and when I have some free time on the weekend I like to make my stump art. I started burning images of animals into wood about 3 years ago just for fun. Soon after I started showing my friends, family and co workers, they started requesting pieces of their own. I was told many times that I should sell my pieces or that they wanted to pay me for the pieces I made. I told them no no no, just pay for the wood and I’ll burn it for free. I truly feel joy when making my pieces and I love the looks on the faces of the people when I give it to them. But that wasn’t enough, I wanted to do more for the animals, and that’s when I decided to start selling pieces and give back a large portion to the local animal shelters. Some of the proceeds will go back to long islands local animal shelters. So, if you would like any personalized pieces please E- mail me at DBstumpart@yahoo.com or Instagram me @DBStumpart. ...more