David Mills

Visual Art – Dallas, TX

It's so hard to pinpoint what art means to me. From the early days of X-men cartoons and comic books up to my college days admiring J.C. Leyendecker, I have been obsessed with art and what it means to create. I was self-taught up until my time in college where I decided to learn more about art (after attempting my hand at music then quickly changed majors). After soaking up everything I could in regards to traditional art, I decided to join the Marines. I spent 5, adventurous years in the Marine Corps learning more about myself and using my artistic abilities when I could (seldom). A few years before leaving the Marines I began to really appreciate digital painters and illustrators, thus, diving into it myself. I am still on my artistic (digital and traditional) journey and enjoying my growth as an artist. I may not be "artsy" or hip, my art may not make profound political or social statements, and maybe I do jump all over the place artistically. However, I do know one thing; Passion, unrefined or not, is instilled in me to create in any way I can so that others can experience and enjoy. ...more

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Showcasing in Dallas, TX
REFLECT at House of Blues Dallas – Mar 19, 2019 @6:30PM