Britain Martin/POLYMATH ART

Visual Art – Dallas, TX

Britain Martin is a fine artist, muralist, and illustrator based in Dallas, Texas. One way to truly know him, is through his art. His passion originates from drawing to painting, and he has found a particular fondness in working with mediums like acrylic and oils. His work started taking off back in senior year of high school when he had to design the senior class sweats. Later on, he would continue to spread his work, fueled solely by ambition. He created murals for private businesses, like childcare center, Small Miracles Academy in Plano, TX, and Athletic Zone training center in Singleton, TX. You can also find his illustrations for companies like BLI Publishing, and Mia Garner, LCSW (The Happy Calendar Book). The perpetuation of his art has developed into a mission to reach and connect with others around him. To birth an image that could help cities grow and bring positivity back into communities. To express his views of the world, and bring to life visions of others using his artistic integrity and creativity. For now, he is reaching out to small businesses and charter schools, to make known all of his services, which include commissions, murals and illustrations. The overall goal is to inspire others to believe in themselves, and that anything desired in life is achievable. ...more

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Showcasing in Dallas, TX
REFLECT at House of Blues Dallas – Mar 19, 2019 @6:30PM