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Boss Lady Bling Blingy Custom Handmade Jewelry & More is a one of a kind style jewelry that is Shiny, Bright, Fun & Flashy! Because every Boss Lady needs a little Bling Blingy balance in her life! So my Boss style jewelry will make YOU Shine, Feel and Look AMAZING with these over the TOP Icy Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and More! However, my jewelry isn't real they are all custom pieces made out of steel nickel elements. They generally do not tarnish. The plating is typically an imitation rhodium made of copper, tin, zinc, and /or nickel. These products will not harm you or your skin. So Let's get up and get dressed and Bling Blingy Together in our Fun, Flashy, Shiny and Icy jewelry!!! ...more

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ARISE at House of Blues (21+) – Jul 30, 2019 @6:00PM