Blurred Life Creatives

Photography – Charlotte, NC

So you know when you're growing up and parents tend to mold your life? That explains a lot of why I am here. My dad always had a camera around and I always wanted to play with it, even though sometimes I wasn't allowed to (they were expensive and I broke things). Millions of questions later, photojournalism classes, hours spent developing film in a darkroom, and here we are! I'm Brittany and I have a passion for freezing the moment, with my camera. Time gets away from us all and looking back at those memories is the best feeling. I am always looking for a new point of view with my camera in hand and I dabble in family and event photography while working full time at a television network. I also look forward to learning the world of fashion and commercial photography in the near future. Let's just say if you find me without a camera its because I am unplugging, disconnecting and spending time with my family. ...more