My name is Craig Broombaugh and I play music.  I make music.  I love music.  You could say that music is my cholesterol, it runs through my veins thicker than blood and water alike, I'm full of it, and it holds the ability to fill and stop my heart at will.  Give me a beautiful melody and I'll love you forever.  It's a universal language that has filled the pages of my story.  Let's get together and jam sometime.

I grew up on the outskirts of Detroit, MI.  At an early age, music called to me.  I slept every night with the radio on.  At 13, I picked up a guitar and started writing the songs that were stuck in my head.  By age 20, I decided that the dying city that I called my home wasn't where I belonged.  So like any delusional artist I found the biggest challenge I could and took it by the horns.  Within 4 years I had done more than anyone back home had ever done.  Saw the whole country (3 times), played and met some greats, slept on the floors of some great-ers, made best friends, worst enemies, and never had a single moment of regret.  These days, I'm writing, recording, producing, and playing out as much possible with as many acts as I can find the time for.  Some would call me 'a machine', I think of it as being lucky.


Visit me to hear one of the quirkiest, most eccentric point of views you're likely to find on today's industry.  I promise to look past every bit of the hype, the contrived, the over saturated, and all otherwise 'jammed-down-your-throat' excuse of the mainstream, and deliver to YOU the truth as I know of it in relation to honest to goodness MUSIC.  As soon as I find something huge, you'll know about it.  I'm hungry for anything I can hear, so please do NOT hesitate to point me towards some truth.  In other words... I'm all ears!