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Hi people !! I’m Lea creator of Beautified By Lea. Let me tell you a little bit about who I am and how I got into the beauty industry. My mom was a cosmetologist and I used to watch her put makeup on every morning for work. I had a talent for art so I would color pictures with crayons and do shading and blending as if I was my mom putting on makeup. Then I started riding and showing Arabian horses when I was 4. I had to apply black cream based makeup around the horses eyes to make them appear bigger and contour their face to make them look more slender and sleek. Interesting right !!! Then I started doing my makeup everyday looking at magazine ads, copying the looks and taking pictures of myself to see how they looked on camera. I was so intrigued and so passionate about makeup that I applied to MAC cosmetics when the company first launched a store in Connecticut. I got the job with MAC and that was the beginning of my beauty career. The rest is history. I am looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone at RAW on Wednesday August 21 !!! I am available for bookings so feel free to contact me. ...more

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Showcasing in Connecticut, CT

ARISE at Oakdale Theatre (18+) – Aug 21, 2019 @6:30PM