Ariel Krystyne

Performing Art – Sacramento, CA

I'm a choreographer, dancer, teacher, artistic director, and company director based in Sacramento, CA. I work with and teach artists of all ages from kids to adults about hip hop fundamentals, techniques, character, performance etiquette, and more throughout Northern California. I currently work at 3 different studios: Bliss Urban Arts Center, KAST Academy and Sac Dance Lab as well as run own and co-direct a local performing arts company called The Lime Green Movement with my partner and better half Derek "DZ" Dobynes. Our main goal is to grow and inspire artists to become the best they can be on and off stage; providing them the tools and platform they need to be successful and share their passion and creativity. We work within the community by offering free dance education programs, working with schools in our area, and collaborate with other teams and companies to bring dance to as many people as we can and spread our love and knowledge for our passion. ...more