Ann Marie

Beauty – San Antonio, TX

I didn’t always want to do hair. I had my mind set on becoming an Orthodontist so that I could fix peoples smiles, make them feel pretty just like I did when I got my braces off. I was not going to let anything get in the way of it...until I started working guest services at K Charles & Co, an Aveda salon, my first year of college. At first, it was just a paycheck but it quickly became much more to me. Everyday I saw how people walked into the salon, often tired, irritated and not happy about something or another and leave a new person with a completely different attitude. These people left FEELING beautiful and looking beautiful and I realized, this is exactly what i’ve wanted to do my whole life. When I got the chance to apply for cosmetology school, I jumped at it. I started at The Aveda Institute in San Antonio and I’m currently still attending! I love cutting but I want to specialize in color. Doing hair is the perfect outlet for my creativity. I fall more in love everyday and every time I learn something new. ...more