Anmarie Design

Fashion – Austin, TX

Growing up I knew all along that I would be a Fashion Designer. There was never anything but fashion. My sewing, draping, and illustration skills were self-taught from a very young age until taking all of the sewing classes I could get my hands on in high school and gaining my college degree in Apparel Design. I spent (and still do spend) many late nights creating garments because I was too excited to go to bed without completing my vision. Fast-forward to 2019, I am currently living in Austin, Texas and pursuing the fashion dream with the same vigor I have had since I began sewing 20 years ago. Please enjoy this latest collection, which I have been putting together over the last year, titled "FEARLESS". It is one that is very dear to my heart as I had many obstacles to overcome while putting forth this beautiful piece of my soul. Never be afraid to fearlessly embark on your wildest dreams, they just might come true. ...more