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Music – Pittsburgh, PA

Abstract Theory is a Pittsburgh based Hip Hop group. Abstract Theory defines themselves as abstract thinkers, artists, musicians, intellectuals, and revolutionaries all while being humble and open to the world and cultures. Abstract Theory strives to be attentive to the world and the changes throughout, have the listener ask questions and redefine the way they think about reality, the world, and hip hop music, approach the world and hip hop culture uniquely and diversely, and refine our physical, mental, social and leadership daily. Abstract Theory aims to diversify the world around them, creating an inclusive and warm environment. Abstract Theory provides themselves on performing positive, uplifting and inspirational music with little to no swear words. ...more

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Showcasing in Calgary, ALB

ARISE at Marquee (18+) – 18 Jul 2019 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: 18 Jul 2019 @7:00PM