Aaron Williams

Performing Art – Cleveland, OH

Hi! My name's Aaron! I like to think of myself as an artist who showcases sheer passion and expression through the process of the Peforming Art's and lives, breaths, and thrives in their purpose and my purpose is to sing, dance, songwrite, act, and do anything in the creative arts 24/7! I've been singing since I could make noise practically and always said that what could never adequately express through words I always could through the power of song, didn't matter what it was! I always was able to rely on song to better express myself. I have been dancing since I could crawl but been professionally trained on and off since I was 11 and I'm 20 now so around almost ten years now. Any faccet of classical dance I can do to some extent as that's do to my training but my biggest style is hip hop primarily as I've been self taught in that style since before I could remember and still am to this day. I do a mixture of waacking and vouge with poping/animation in it but always have considered myself a dancer who just so happens to do specific dance styles vs that specific dance style type dancer primarily. Dance has been a pivitol part in my life since I can remember and saved me just as much as music did as whatever I couldn't express as a introverted, anxious, kid I always could express through movement and as such has been something I've treasured all my life. Lastly would be me as a songwriter, in the span of a decade I've so many songs I can't keep track at this point.. songwriting has always been my therapy and place where I could always escape to whenever I had no where to run. If you wanted to get an idea of who I am as a person my songs will tell you in every context just that. Ultimately my goal is to continue to take any and all opportunities that come my way to continuously perfect and better my craft to where I can get to a point where day in and day out I'm doing nothing but something in the creative arts weather it be dance, music, singing, choreography, songwriting, acting, etc! I just wanna get to a place where I can continuously and non-stop do this beautiful craft from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep everyday for the rest of my life! Music is my God, Dance Is my religion, Songwriting is my Bible, And the Peformance Art's as a whole is the church I go to, to worship. ...more

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Showcasing in Cleveland, OH
REFLECT at House of Blues Cleveland – Mar 20, 2019 @7:00PM