Zachary Futterer

Visual Art – New York - Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Futterer is a designer, artist, and linguaphile who uses various tools of visualization, communication, and fabrication to create work and form dialogue. His artwork explores the idea of memory and employs the medium of charcoal to guide the process. Central questions revolve around the multiple states of an object or person or place — its past state, its present, and its future role. Mr. Futterer sees his challenge in creating a new language for communicating the stories and essence of a thing, not through words but rather through mark making. He also currently practices as an architectural designer and works with Brooklyn Public Library as a certified TEFL instructor, leading a weekly English conversation group for non-native speakers. He has spent 2 years living in the area of Paris, France, where he learned French, studied and worked in the fields of architecture and urbanism, and traveled to 14 different countries. In 2014, Mr. Futterer participated in the design and construction of Techstyle Haus, a net-zero passive solar house which was exhibited in Versailles and now currently resides at the Domaine de Boisbuchet. He is a native English speaker, fully fluent in French, familiar with German, and eager to learn Spanish! Mr. Futterer is based in Brooklyn and is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with other creative minds using the media of design, art, and language. ...more