Jéóh Profile Picture
Music – Pittsburgh, PA

Derek James Ott is Jéóh, a singer-songwriter, composer, multi-talented musician, and performer who brings a deeply personal and captivating take on the concept of digital orchestration. After years of working collaboratively around the United States with other musicians, Jéóh restructured his music to develop an intricately layered solo sound experience. “Things fell apart, but it gave me the chance to learn the equipment I needed to, to do it myself.” Relying only on his own intuitive creative process, Jéóh fuses traditional song writing, digital and acoustic instruments, and painstaking digital orchestration, before adding the unifying element of voice. The varied physical and emotional energy that would typically come from multiple band members is alternately distilled and intensified in this modern one-man band. Beatboxing and writing lyrics from the age of 10, music lead Jéóh across the country from California to Virgina as a teen to pursue his passion with his first band. Those late nights across the country, from Philadelphia to Wierton to Orlando, developed Jéóh’s technical proficiency across all of the instruments that he now uses to create the sound of a full electronic orchestra on stage. Now Jéóh calls Pittsburgh home and has turned his story into lyrics of the compelling universal themes of instant attraction, missed opportunities, and lost love. ...more