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Visual Art – Montréal, QC

V.R. is a 34 years young visual artist, with a lot of different artistic passions and experiences in her bag ! Make up artist and photo retoucher since she’s 18 years old, she even had the chance to travel the world for shootings and shows ! At 20 years old, she started playing with acrylic paint, gold leaves, sparkles and different other mediums, but just for fun, she said !!!! She mostly painted for herself, friends and family members at first, but now sells her work all over the country ! V.R. has now the ultimate opportunity to paint almost everyday, making her the artist she always wanted to be !! V.R. is an extremely creative, positive and optimistic individual, in all aspects of her life and will forever continue to surprise us and blow our minds with her many abilities ! ...more

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Showcasing in Montréal, QC

IMPACT at LE THÉÂTRE RIALTO – 07 May 2019 @7:00PM, 08 May 2019 @7:00PM