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Performing Art – Atlanta, GA

www.findvliss.info ---I am trusting my inner guidance to share my creative self-expression with the world ^o^. After climbing the corporate ladder to success, I realized that I was in a soul-sucking routine every day. I decided to connect with my inner child and put some skills behind the natural artistic abilities I've had since adolescence. Dance is my first love. The first time I felt alive, pure joy, butterflies, and just endless AMAZING FUN! I am now a full-time Dance Fitness Instructor nationally certified by AFAA! Also, as a self-made Positive Psychologist, I aim to spread positivity around me at all times. I intend to discover more of my true self with others through dance, mental/physical health, the science of happiness, the magic of manifestation, and other deeply connected wonders of life that we all share. ^_^ ...more