Visual Art – Dallas, TX

I’m a dallas, texas artist who loves abstract art and surrealism. I love line work, movement, and texture. I guess a lot of my inspiration comes from the struggles in my own head that i deal with on a daily basis. I find it to be a blessing in disguise though because it helps me to put more emotion into my artwork and better understand me and also the world around me. All through out highschool i did AP 3D sculpture and won multiple state awards with my found objects sculptures. I enjoy working with random found objects, wood, things found in nature and much more to create unique pieces of art that represent different parts of my life. I sold my first art piece at the dallas museum of art for an event called “Young Masters”. That was a very proud moment in my life. It made me feel like i actually have a shot at this art thing. My senior year of high school i decided to switch it up a bit and go into AP 2D drawing and i fell in love with wood and gouache paintings with ink added into the mix. All my life i’ve had an itch for art. I just love getting my hands dirty. With all that being said, I’m so humbled by Raws interest in me and im looking forward to show you a glimpse into my mind through my art. Thank you. ...more