Velvet Lenae
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Photography – Atlanta, GA

I am photographer/owner of Sencere Moments Photography (SMPhotography), which caters to Portraiture, Marketing, Head Shots, Engagement and Boudoir. Specializing in Lifestyle imagery, my vision is to capture your natural moments, which visually shows who YOU are. I created Secretly Sexy and Skin-ful Ways as an extension of SMPhotography. Secretly Sexy delves into the world of Boudoir Imagery, giving my clients the opportunity to show how beautiful and sexy everyday life and glamorous moments can truly be. Skin-ful ways takes this idea a step further, connecting to the more playful, uncensored, "naked truth" aspect of people and their lives. In the Summer of 2014, I started working on my book, which includes erotic short stories and poems, that I wrote, coupled with imagery taken by me. Bare It All was released October of 2014. As a mother, photographer and author, there are so many life aspects that I can relate to. Being a multifaceted artist, my visions never end. My passion and love for photography shows through everything I do. ...more