Jessie Tietjen - Urban Canopy Art

Visual Art – Sacramento, CA

ABOUT THE STUDIO - Trees and rooftop gardens create a unique and essential environment in a city. They clean the air, cool and regulate the climate, and let\'s face it, are just plain beautiful. This environment is called an urban canopy. For me, these green spaces make a city feel alive and comforting. I like the idea that nature continues to thrive in the concrete jungle. This concept inspires the art you will find here. Welcome to the Urban Canopy Art - bringing wilderness into your home, one canvas at a time. ABOUT THE ARTIST - Jessie is a Sacramento native, and the owner of Urban Canopy Art Studio in Midtown. Possessing an undying love for the natural world as well as the arts, Jessie realized that she couldn’t choose between the two and that both passions needed to be embraced. Many of her pieces feature the wildlife that she encounters on her adventures in the wilderness. The subject is commonly an animal or sometimes a person who visually displays a physical or symbolic relationship to nature. Jessie’s intention is to create a personal connection for her viewers. Using tight, accurate lines and images juxtaposed by bold, loose ink and bright colors allows her to capture a feeling of liveliness and movement. ...more