Fashion – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

Underrated Co. is not just a brand, it's a LIFESTYLE! We created this brand as a movement to showcase any all upcoming artists in any field of the Arts. We strive to bring people together to network, collaborate and respect each others craft. Designer and Creator of Underrated Co., "Q", has always had an eye for fashion and people have always admired his style. He was always asked, "Who are you wearing? or Where did you get that from?". With that, he decided why wear other brands when I can be my own walking advertisement for my own brand. Along with being a designer, Q also holds titles as; Brand Ambassador, Brand Consulting, Styling, Creative Directing and Event Planner. Underrated provides a variety of options, from Urban Streetwear to High Fashion pieces. We also make custom pieces to your liking that allow people to express who they are. This brand is just getting started and we look forward to having our brand reach the International market. ...more